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May 23, 2011: Western Australia’s most successful and much loved “local automotive bible” – Autotrader – celebrates a major print publishing milestone this Friday, with the release of their 1000th edition after 21 years in the business.

Founded in a Karinyup lounge room way back in 1989, the magazine has remained true to its grass roots origins, selling a staggering total of 8, 074, 531 copies to date; with 412, 355 vehicles advertised. The magazine holds a special place in the hearts of WA first car buyers, who have thumbed through its pages dreaming about their first set of wheels…often well before their 17th birthday.

What are the most expensive cars ever sold through Autotrader? A Ferrari 360 Spyder for $214,999, Holden Torana for $250,000, and an XY GT PHASE 3 which also sold for over $200,000. The most unique car advertised to date is a 1967 Ford Thunderbird 4 door, an extremely rare model in Australia.

The 1000th edition is testament to the magazine’s success and relevance to the WA automotive marketplace. It’s the only dedicated automotive publication, and the focus remains on bringing the local marketplace together. The team at Autotrader share their readers’ love for all things automotive.

Acquired from Telstra in July 2010, Autotrader is back to its origins – part of a family owned group with existing automotive publishing interests, Hunterfive.

“The strength of the Autotrader brand in the WA marketplace is based on it being local, and providing a product that’s affordable, effective and easy. It’s a grassroots brand that understands its readers and supports the WA auto enthusiast community,” explained Ash Hunter, Hunterfive CEO.

“We have an aggressive growth strategy in place which will take effect over the next three issues of the magazine, seeing a 20 – 25% increase in commercial advertisers. Coupled with a new distribution arrangement, we’re confident in Autotrader’s ongoing strength in the WA market – where it will continue to be the number one read for buyers and sellers of all things automotive.”

General Manager, Ray Froud, has been with the Autotrader business since it started in 1989.

“I’m so proud that the magazine continues to be so strong in the WA marketplace. I’d like to thank all our supporters over the years – our readers, advertisers and the fantastic team that bring the publication together each week.”

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